Excellence Awards for Assistant Professors

“Excellence Awards” for Assistant Professors or Assistant Curators is a one-time allocation of $5,000 in support of research. The award can be used to fund travel, equipment, books, graduate student stipends, and other research-related expenses. It may not be used as salary. 

Academic deans are invited to submit the number of nominations indicated below:

Agricultural and Life Sciences - 2 Liberal Arts and Sciences - 2
Dentistry - 1 HHP - 1
Education - 1 Veterinary Medicine - 1
Law - 1 FLMNH - 1
Engineering - 1 Business Administration - 1
Fine Arts - 1 Nursing - 1
Medicine - 2 PHHP - 1
Pharmacy - 1 DCP - 1
Jounalism and Communications - 1  



ELIGIBILITY:  Nominees must currently hold the rank of tenure-track Assistant Professor or Assistant Curator. Nominees may NOT be in the final year of their tenure-probationary period, nor currently under evaluation for tenure. An individual who has received the award also is not eligible.

NOMINATION PACKET:   (1) Nomination letter by the dean; (2) Nominee’s abbreviated CV of no more than 2 pages (including most recent accomplishments); (3) Nominee’s statement of no more than 2 pages describing current research projects.

The nomination packets should be submitted in electronic form to Ileana McCray at mccrayi@ufl.edu, no later than April 10, 2017. Nominations submitted by this deadline will be reviewed by a committee of faculty which will recommend awards to the Provost.

Spring 2016 Winners

Allen, Josephine Engineering
Julcr, Jiri CALS/IFAS
Munoz, Patricio CALS/IFAS
Ebner, Natalie CLAS
Lichstein, Jeremy CLAS
Burke, Sara Medicine
Rodriguez, E Medicine
Srinivasan, R DCP
Aguirre, Jose Veterinary Medicine