Each academic year, starting in 2016-17, the University makes available to the colleges 250 Term Professorships. Each award runs for 3 years and provides a $5,000/year salary supplement to the awardee. Tenure track Assistant, Associate, and Full Professors and Assistant, Associate, and Full Curators in the fifth year (or more) of full-time service in the tenure-track title at UF are eligible for an award.

The Provost’s Office apportions University Term Professorships to the colleges according to the number of eligible faculty in the college.

In selecting awardees, faculty advisory committees and/or department or school chairs/directors should provide input, and the dean makes the final determination. Awards should be based on an assessment of academic accomplishment. Consequently, the dean may request faculty to submit dossiers explaining recent meritorious achievements and should specify a required format for dossiers, if they are used in the process. Awards should be determined no later than the spring semester so that they may begin that fall.

When the dean has determined the awards, a spreadsheet with the appropriate information must be forwarded to the Provost’s Office (Dawn Riedy driedy@aa.ufl.edu). Upon receipt and review of the spreadsheet, the Provost’s Office will transfer the appropriate funds to the department account to enable the department to pay the award. Colleges must monitor the awards to ensure that holders of a University Term Professorship are being appropriately compensated and that awards are timely terminated at the end of their cycle.

Holders of the award may add “University Term Professor” to their academic titles for the duration of the award.