Developing a Combined Degree Program

A Combined Degree Program is a program that allows academically advanced undergraduate students to take graduate courses before completing the bachelor’s degree and to count a specified number of graduate credits toward both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree (if admitted into the graduate program). The particular graduate courses used to meet these requirements should be tailored to the individual student’s program of study. Students admitted into a combined program will normally have above average GPAs and superior scores on the verbal, quantitative, and analytical writing portions of the GRE. Individual academic units determine whether a combined degree program is appropriate. Combined degree programs established before January 1, 2003, may have other requirements.

Departments and colleges may institute new combined programs from existing already-approved programs without any additional approval if the program double-counts exactly 12 graduate credits. In this case, the department should notify the Associate Provost for Undergraduate Affairs and the Senior Associate Dean of the Graduate School for inclusion of the program in graduate and undergraduate catalogs. If the program double-counts more or less than 12 hours, it must be approved by the Graduate Council and the University Curriculum Committee. Submit requests for these through the approval system.


Academic Approval Tracking