Policies, Procedures, and Guidelines

The following are frequently referenced policies for the University of Florida and Academic Affairs. The policies are arranged alphabetically by topic. Use your browser's "find" function to locate a policy on this page by keyword.

The Policy Rider: Adjustments or Modifications to Academic Policies during Emergency attaches to all University of Florida academic policies when an emergency is declared by the president of the University of Florida; the leaders of the city of Gainesville, Alachua County; the Governor of the state of Florida; or the president of the United States.

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Academic Degree Programs and Courses

Academic Freedom and Responsibility

Academic Learning Compacts

Acceptable Use Of Computing Resources

Affirmative Action Plan for Equal Employment Opportunity

Alcoholic Beverage Policy

Alternate Work Location Policy and Form

Americans with Disabilities Act Compliance Office


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Canvas - Required Minimal Usage

Certificate Programs Tracking

FL BOG Regulation 8.011: Authorization of New Academic Degree Programs and Other Curricular Offerings 

Certificate Policy - Undergraduate & Professional Certificates

Classroom Behavior

Co-Listed Graduate Undergraduate Courses Policy 

UF Policy for Combination, Joint, and Dual Degrees

Complaints and Appeal Procedures

Confidentiality of Student Records (FERPA)

Conflict of Interest and Outside Activities

Course Evaluations

Course Syllabi on the Web

Credit Hour Definition

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Drug-Free School And Workplace Statement

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Eminent Scholar Information (UF Foundation)

Endowed Faculty Positions, Appointments and Procedures

Employment of Relatives 

Equal Employment Opportunity Policy 

Equipment Use Fees (UF Administrative Memo)

Evaluations (Faculty)

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Faculty Handbook

Faculty Recruitment and Retention

Faculty Title Modifiers


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General Education

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Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) - Privacy Rule

Helping Students in Distress: Faculty and Staff Resource Guide


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Independent Contractors for Academic Service Hiring Policy

Intellectual Property Policy

Information Technology Policies



Leave, Extended


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Nepotism Policy and Sample Memorandum

Non-Discrimination Policy (.pdf) and CBA Article 11

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Off-Campus Instructional Sites

Office Hours Guidance

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PhD Programs Policy


Policy Rider: Adjustments or Modifications to Academic Policies during Emergency

Postdoc Appointment Policy

Postdoc Salary Minimums

Posthumous Degree Policy

“Prizes” Policy and Guidelines

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Reading Days and Final Examinations

In-Class Recording

Records Management Information

Recruitment and Retention, Faculty

Religious Holidays Policy

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Sabbatical / Professional Development Leaves

SASS Coordinators Guide 

Sexual Harassment Policy

Smoking Policy

(Academic Affairs)

Social Media Use, Guidelines, and Policy Implications

Social Security Number Privacy

Student Assessment

UF Substantive Change Policy - For SACSCOC Reporting 

Summer Term Enrollment Policy

UF Policy on Course Syllabi

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Tenure and Promotion Information

Twelve-Day Rule



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UF Policies and Regulations(UF General Counsel site)

UF Regulation 4.007: Confidentiality of Student Records

UF Search Procedures to fill an Endowed Chair (or Eminent Scholar Chair)


University Committees, Boards & Councils

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Workplace Violence Policy

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