Required Minimal Canvas Usage

All Spring 2022 courses delivered through any means (face-to-face, online, etc) will be required to use the Canvas learning management system for at least the following purposes: Distributing and storing the course syllabus, along with any syllabus updates, and maintaining student grades. The only exceptions are courses set up as individual academic experiences such as directed independent study, supervised research, supervised teaching, and thesis or dissertation credits.

Instructors and/or course directors are also strongly encouraged to use Canvas for posting announcements, providing access to course materials, adding deadlines to the calendar, maintaining communication relevant to all students, and scheduling Zoom meetings. These practices will help ensure that students who may be geographically dispersed and taking courses asynchronously have access to course content and provides an extra layer of security for Zoom sessions. Doing so will also allow for uniformity of the student course experience and will facilitate the process of making up of course work missed because of illness, periods of self-isolation, and other excused absences.

Updated December 13, 2021