Dual Career Services

The University of Florida's Dual Career Services Program assists with dual career considerations across the campus and locally. The program's services are intended to make opportunities for employment accessible to relocating life partners of new UF faculty members. Although the University cannot guarantee employment, department chairs and deans are encouraged to inquire about this service as soon as the possibility of relocation emerges for the spouse or domestic partner of a new faculty hire. Remember, we can never guarantee employment nor does this listing constitute endorsement of those employers.

Below you will find information about the program and how you can make it work best for you.

1. Dual Career Referral Service:

We encourage accompanying partners/spouses to use the information found at the Referral Service page to make initial contacts and share resumes directly with prospective employers.

2. Dual Career Academic Hire Service:

The Dual Career Academic Hire process applies to the partner or spouse of a University of Florida faculty hire. The partner or spouse must also be qualified for a faculty position at UF. With the agreement and cooperation of the Dean(s) and Department Chair(s) of both the original hire and the spouse/partner hire, cooperative funding may possibly be arranged across the two departments and the Provost’s Office. See procedure at the Academic Hire Procedures page.

For further information, contact the Provost's Office at PVFA@aa.ufl.edu or (352) 392-4792.