Faculty Fulbright Support

This is a program from the Office of the Provost that is optional for faculty. It is meant to both reward Fulbright awardees and to ease the process of accepting a Fulbright award by protecting faculty salary and benefits during the award period. This program is not available for Fulbright Flex or Fulbright Specialist programs.


Fulbright applications are submitted directly to the Council for International Exchange of Scholars (CIES). The UF President and Provost encourage all eligible faculty to apply for this prestigious award. 


Eligibility to participate in the Faculty Fulbright Support Program, as outlined below, requires the candidate to 1) be in good standing, 2) get the approval of your chair and dean, and 3) register with the UF International Center (the year you are applying) using the application found on the UF International Center Fulbright Scholar Program website.  Deadline for applications for the academic year 2025/2026 is October 15, 2023.  

UF must balance the value of Fulbright participation with the reality of the absence of a faculty member. The goals of this program are to keep the faculty member whole in terms of UF salary and UF benefits, to cover the cost of replacement teaching and other costs, and to increase the number of Fulbright applications and award winners at UF.

If a faculty member opts into this program by applying at the URL above, the faculty member will retain their 1.0 FTE status, full UF base salary, and full UF benefits in addition to any stipend and research funds from Fulbright. Replacement teaching costs will be covered by the College, but deans can request up to $10,000 from the Provost to offset costs, if needed. It is the decision of the College, in consultation with the Department, whether the teaching normally provided by the awardee needs to be replaced during their absence.

The faculty member will be expected to return to the University for at least (1) one academic year following participation in the program. Agreements to the contrary must be made in writing prior to participation. The faculty member will also give at least one seminar/lecture about UF while abroad. Upon return to UF, the faculty member will provide a summary report of their Fulbright activities to the Department and College to be kept on file.