UF Faculty in the National Academy of Engineering of the National Academies:

Robert G. Dean, Graduate Research Professor (Deceased 2015)
Election Year: 1980
Primary Membership Section: 04. Civil Engineering
Election Citation: Contributions to field, laboratory, and analytical researches clarifying wave, erosion, and coastal processes developing relevant analytical procedures.

Larry L. Hench (no longer employed)
Election Year: 2000
Primary Membership Section: 09. Materials Engineering
Election Citation: For the development of bioactive glasses for human prostheses and fundamental studies of glass corrosion.

James W. Jones, Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus (Retired)
Election Year:  2012
Primary Membership Section:  12. Special Fields & Interdisciplinary Engineering
Election Citation:  For contributions to understanding climate change, environmental impacts, and sustainable agricultural systems.

Brij Mohan Moudgil, Distinguished Professor and Director
Election Year: 2002
Primary Membership Section: 11. Petroleum, Mining & Geological Engineering
Election Citation:
For advances in mineral processing through innovations in selective polymer and surfactant coatings, and for professional leadership.

John H. Schmertmann, Adjunct Professor and Professor Emeritus (Retired)
Election Year: 1984
Primary Membership Section: 04. Civil Engineering
Election Citation:
For design methods, used throughout the world in geotechnical engineering, based on innovative field test methods and careful laboratory research.

Charles E. Taylor, Professor Emeritus of Engineering Sciences (Deceased 2018)
Work Status at Primary Work Institution: Retired
Election Year: 1979
Primary Membership Section: 10. Mechanical Engineering
Election Citation: Pioneering developments in three-dimensional photoelasticity and in the use of lasers and holography in experimental mechanics. 

James A. Trainham, Professor of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Election Year: 1997
Primary Membership Section: Chemical
Election Citation: For the development of Viton and CFC-substitute processes and engineering leadership.