Excellence Awards for Assistant Professors

“Excellence Awards” for Assistant Professors or Assistant Curators is a one-time allocation of $5,000 in support of research. The award can be used to fund travel, equipment, books, graduate student stipends, and other research-related expenses. It may not be used as salary. 

Academic deans are invited to submit the number of nominations indicated below:

Agricultural and Life Sciences - 2 Liberal Arts and Sciences - 2
Dentistry - 1 HHP - 1
Education - 1 Veterinary Medicine - 1
Law - 1 FLMNH - 1
Engineering - 1 Business Administration - 1
Arts - 1 Nursing - 1
Medicine - 2 PHHP - 1
Pharmacy - 1 DCP - 1
Jounalism and Communications - 1  



ELIGIBILITY:  Nominees must currently hold the rank of tenure-track Assistant Professor or Assistant Curator. Nominees may NOT be in the final year of their tenure-probationary period, nor currently under evaluation for tenure. An individual who has received the award also is not eligible.

NOMINATION PACKET:   (1) Nomination letter by the dean; (2) Nominee’s abbreviated CV of no more than 2 pages (including most recent accomplishments); (3) Nominee’s statement of no more than 2 pages describing current research projects.

The nomination packets should be submitted in electronic form to PVFA@aa.ufl.edu, by April 9, 2018. Nominations submitted by this deadline will be reviewed by a committee of faculty which will recommend awards to the Provost.

Spring 2017 Winners

Bozia, Eleni Liberal Arts and Sciences
Brooks, Samantha     IFAS
Carillo, Daniel IFAS
Fedele, David Public Health and Health Professions
Fisher, Carla Journalism and Communications
Gage, Nicholas Education
Gunduz, Aysegul Engineering
Nguyen, Chuong  Veterinary Medicine
Sibille, Kimberly Medicine
Wang, Eric Medicine

Spring 2016 Winners

Allen, Josephine Engineering
Julcr, Jiri CALS/IFAS
Munoz, Patricio CALS/IFAS
Ebner, Natalie Liberal Arts and Sciences
Lichstein, Jeremy     Liberal Arts and Sciences
Burke, Sara Medicine
Rodriguez, E Medicine
Srinivasan, R Design, Construction and Planning
Aguirre, Jose Veterinary Medicine