SECU Academic Leadership Development Program (ALDP):  

The SEC Academic Consortium’s Academic Leadership Development Program (ALDP) seeks to enhance and develop the next generation of academic leaders in the SEC. The program consists of two workshops hosted by different SEC universities each year. ALDP Fellows are nominated by the Academic Deans and selected for terms of one year. Announcements are sent to the Academic Deans when the nomination process is open. 

2024-2025 ALDP Fellows

2024-2025 ALDP Information and Fellow Nomination

Academic Administrators Seminar Series

Dual Career Services


HERS (Higher Education Resource Services) is an educational non-profit providing leadership and management development for women in higher education administration. Each Fall, the Academic Deans nominate women leaders from their units to apply for HERS intensive workshops and seminars. Announcements will be sent to the Academic Deans on campus when the application process is open.


The Institute for Academic Leadership conducts workshops to enhance the planning, management and leadership competencies of department chairpersons, deans and academic administrators of the State University System of Florida. Nominations are accepted twice yearly (Spring and Fall) and announcements are sent to Academic Deans when the nomination process is open.

Tuition Exchange Program