Welcome to Gatorbytes, a new initiative designed to highlight for the intellectually curious the wonderful and innovative research happening at the University of Florida.

Written by professional journalists, Gatorbytes is a series of digital books ranging from 25 to 150 pages, depending on the complexity of the topic. Gatorbytes will feature the preeminent research being conducted at the University of Florida, written in a way that’s easy to understand.

The quest to create a better-tasting tomato. Scientists who behave more like detectives in their global effort to save us from deadly diseases. An engineer’s decade-long effort to give people with disabilities a new way to vote. Gatorbytes gives you the chance to read the stories behind those stories.

Gatorbytes is available wherever eBooks are sold, but for a limited time you can download them here as PDFs free of charge.  Click image to download.

Building a better tomatoThe Democracy MachineThe Disease Detectives

For a complete listing of all titles available, go to http://upf.com/gatorbytes.asp