Developing a New Graduate Degree Program

New graduate degree programs require approval from the department, college, Graduate Council, Office of Academic Affairs, Faculty Senate, the Board of Trustees, the Board of Governors (for doctoral programs) and SACS.

Forms: Download the forms and tables below that are required for submitting a request to offer a new degree program.

The process involves two steps: a pre-proposal and a final proposal.


1. Vetting: After vetting the pre-proposal through the college, the dean may request informal feedback from the Graduate Council.
2. Provost's Office Approval and External Review: Once ready, the dean submits the pre-proposal to the Associate Provost for Academic Affairs for review. For Ph.D. proposals, if the provost deems the pre-proposal viable, it will be included in the university’s Work Plan and the college must seek feedback from an external reviewer. The reviewer should be considered the BOT’s consultant rather than the academic department’s consultant. The results of the external review should be incorporated into the proposal.


3.  College Curriculum Committee Submission: If the pre-proposal is approved, the department finalizes the proposal and submits it to the college curriculum committee (or a similar committee). New course requests related to the program must be enclosed for approval.
4. Graduate School Review: If approved at the college level, the proposal is sent to the Graduate School. The Graduate School staff reviews the proposal for consistency with Graduate Council policies, viability, and articulation with existing programs, then forwards the proposal, along with staff assessments, to a sub-committee of the Graduate Council, appointed by the dean, for an in-depth review and discussion with the department.
5. Graduate Council Review: The proposal is reviewed by the full Graduate Council during a monthly meeting at which time departmental and college personnel are invited to participate and provide clarifying information when needed.
6. University Curriculum Committee: If approved, the proposal is sent to the University Curriculum Committee as an information item and to the Faculty Senate Steering Committee for inclusion on the Senate agenda.
7. Faculty Senate Review: The Faculty Senate reviews proposals twice, first as an information item and finally as an action item.
8. Provost's Office to Board of Trustees: If approved by the Faculty Senate, the proposal is sent to the Provost's Office for approval and inclusion on the agenda of the UF Board of Trustees.
9. Approval: If approved by the Trustees, the Provost's Office will forward doctoral proposals to the Board of Governors for approval. The Board of Governors hears new doctoral degree proposals twice each year, with deadlines of August 1st and February 15th. If the proposal is approved, the notification is sent to UF's Office of Institutional Planning and Research, and the Board of Governors adds it to the state inventory of degree programs. The Provost's Office must forward all new graduate degree programs to the Board of Governors for inclusion in the state academic program inventory prior to student admissions.
10.  Notification to SACS for approval.


Academic Approval Tracking