Developing an International Dual Degree Program

UF does not have general international dual-degree programs, but colleges and departments may create a program for an individual student if appropriate. If a department wants to create an individual dual degree program, a template has been approved for use and may not be modified or changed without approval from the Office of Academic Affairs.

The template can be used in one of three ways to create a dual-degree program. Colleges and departments may pursue a standalone dual-degree program for a unique student, if there are clear benefits to creating the program without establishing an institutional Cooperative Agreement. If the foreign university already has a Cooperative Agreement with UF, a new one is not required, and the dual-degree program can be pursued in conjunction with the existing agreement. If a prior Cooperative Agreement is not in effect, it is encouraged that the college seek execution of one, which may allow for a variety of initiatives within the unit which promote internationalization, including a new dual-degree program.

For questions, contact Tom Kelleher, Associate Dean, Graduate School or Chris Hass, Associate Provost for Academic and Faculty Affairs