Review of Academic Programs

All academic programs must receive periodic reviews and evaluations. Successful programs may be modified or continued; those that are not performing according to external accrediting bodies or internal review may be discontinued. The following policies govern oversight, review and recommendations for continuance or closure.

Reviews should focus on those areas listed in the criteria for evaluation of academic programs, academic goals set out for individual programs in their original proposal, and the current University strategic plan.

Strategic review:

As part of the development of a strategic plan or other working plan for the University, departments and colleges shall provide information to the Provost's office on undergraduate and graduate degree programs they would like to develop in the succeeding 5 years. That information should include a brief description of the degree; local, state, and national need; a plan for excellence; and fit with current degree programs. These lists shall become part of the university's deliberations during a strategic planning process.

Annual review:

  • Department and college: Each dean or director will receive an annual report from departments or other units with academic programs that includes information on the status of all current programs. Deans or directors will include information on academic programs in their annual reports to the Provost.
  • Provost: The provost's office shall include in its reports to the Board of Trustees information on those programs that are no longer meeting departmental, college or university standards of excellence, or are determined to be no longer viable within the University's strategic plan.

Cyclic review:

  • Board of Governors: The Board of Governors requires that every academic program receive a complete review every seven years. These reviews should include external reviewers and may be done in concert with the normal departmental review cycle. The list of programs scheduled for 2014-20 review may be found here. Note that changes are made to the list periodically. Please check with the Office of the Associate Provost for Academic Affairs if you have questions about scheduling of a program review.

The Provost's Office will notify programs when these reviews are due.